That's a Wrap: The Arc de Triomphe, Wrapped in Snap’s AR
Today, in partnership with Sotheby’s, we launched ‘The Final Christo: Original Works for The Arc de Triomphe’ Lens to make it fun and easy to experience Christo’s show-stopping installation -- no matter where you are.
Introducing A New Way to Say “Happy Birthday” on Snapchat
Birthdays are special, but they're even more special when shared with those who are near and dear to you. Today we launched the Birthdays Mini to make it fun and easy to remember and celebrate your Snapchat friends’ birthdays! You can enjoy personal greetings and birthday messages from your friends — all inside of Snapchat.
3D Bitmoji in Profiles
Bitmoji is giving Snap Profiles a new look and a new dimension – with 3D Bitmoji in Profiles. Now, Snapchatters can express themselves in even more unique ways, with over 1,200 combinations of body poses, facial expressions, gestures and backgrounds to choose from.
Snap Map launches My Places: a new way to find personalised recommendations from friends and the global Snapchat community
Today, we’re introducing a new way for Snapchatters to explore the world with Snap Map.
Snap's Music Library Expands With Universal Music Group
Today, we’re excited to announce a new deal with Universal Music Group to include their artists’ music into Snap’s library and be featured in Sounds, Lenses and more to make sharing a moment even more fun.  
Celebrating Pride IRL with a Custom Flag
Snap is celebrating Pride with a suite of creative tools, including augmented reality Lenses, stickers, and a new way for Snapchatters to design their own Pride flag, which launches today.
SPS 2021: introducing the next generation of spectacles
Today, we're introducing the next generation of Spectacles, our first pair of glasses that bring augmented reality to life. They’re lightweight display glasses, made for creators to overlay their Lenses directly on to the world, exploring new ways to fuse fun and utility through immersive AR. Over the years, our journey building Spectacles alongside the creator community has been one of exploration, learning and fun. We’ve used every iteration as a building block, opening the door to a whole new dimension of AR. Spectacles aren’t for sale—they’re for augmented reality creators to reimagine the way we communicate, live and explore the world together through AR experiences built-in Lens Studio.
SPS 2021: New AR Tools and Camera Experiences for Snapchatters, Creators and Businesses
With our partners and the Lens Creator community, we’re working to build a smarter and more powerful Snapchat Camera -transforming how we interact with the world through immersive AR experiences. Today, we’re introducing new AR tools and camera experiences across the Snap AR ecosystem.
SPS 2021: new tools and monetisation opportunities for Creators
On Snapchat, everyone is a Creator. Since launching Spotlight late last year, we have been thrilled to see the creativity of our community shared with an audience of millions. Spotlight is rolling out globally, and already reaches more than 125 million monthly active users. We continue to offer millions per month to reward Snapchatters for their creativity. To date, over 5,400 Creators have earned more than $130 million dollars! Today, we're announcing new tools and monetisation opportunities to bring your creative ideas to life.
SPS 2021: new partnerships and tools for developers to build with Snapchat
Our partnerships with developers bring amazing content, creative tools, AR, games and so much more to our community and yours, all around the world. Through Snap Kit, developers are using our technology to enhance their apps with Login, Bitmoji and the Snapchat Camera. And, with Games, Minis and the Map, we’re offering new ways for developers to grow their businesses on Snapchat. It’s our way of bringing the world into Snapchat and Snapchat into the world. Today, we’re introducing new products and partnerships powered by some of the best parts of Snapchat.