Introducing Spotlight on Snapchat
Today we’re introducing Spotlight to shine a light on the most entertaining Snaps created by the Snapchat community.
Rewarding creativity on spotlight: shining a light on the best Snaps
Spotlight shines a light on the most entertaining Snaps created by the Snapchat community, no matter who created them. We built Spotlight to be a place where anyone’s content can take centre stage – without needing a public account or an influencer following. It’s a fair and fun place for Snapchatters to share their best Snaps and see perspectives from across the Snapchat community.
See how the stars and your friendships align with Snapchat Astrology
The stars have aligned! We’re introducing new Astrology features that help you celebrate your relationships, strike up conversations and bond with your friends in a whole new way – going far beyond what you see in a daily horoscope.
Our 2020 Friendship Report
Today, we released our second global friendship study, interviewing 30,000 people across sixteen countries, to explore how the COVID-19 pandemic and global issues have impacted friendship. Seventeen experts on friendship from around the world contributed to the report.
New ways to eat and shop using Snapchat's camera
With the help from our latest Scan partners Yuka and Vivino, we’re bringing Snapchatters Nutrition Scanner and Wine Scanner, which can make everyday experiences, like cooking, grocery shopping and opening a bottle of wine, a more fun and informative experience.
Snap in India event invitation
Celebrating Snap in India
This week, we hosted a virtual event to celebrate our growing community of Snapchatters in India and the strong partnerships we’ve built.
Sound on, volume up: introducing Sounds for your Snaps
Today, we launched Sounds, a new feature to add music and your own creations to your Snaps. Music makes video creations and communication more expressive and offers a personal way to recommend music to your closest friends.
For World Mental Health Day, Snapchat teams with Headspace to launch new in-app meditations
Today, ahead of World Mental Health Day, we’re teaming up with Headspace to release two new in-app meditations through our Headspace Mini – a safe space where friends can practice meditations and mindfulness exercises and check in on each other through Snapchat.
Bringing City Painter to Carnaby Street, London
Today, augmented reality is changing how we talk with our friends. There are over one million Lenses on Snapchat, and more than 75% of our Daily Active Users interact with AR every day. But, we imagine a future where we’ll use AR to see the world in completely new ways. Today we’re taking the next step with Local Lenses, which evolves this technology and makes it possible to augment larger areas, including city blocks.
New Snap Originals and video advertising products announced
Today, Snap announced new and returning docuseries Snap Originals debuting later this year and in 2021! These new and returning docuseries feature even more young, passionate and inspired creators and speak to the issues most important to the Snapchat Generation.