Celebrating Pride IRL with a Custom Flag

Snap is celebrating Pride with a suite of creative tools, including augmented reality Lenses, stickers, and a new way for Snapchatters to design their own Pride flag, which launches today.  
To reflect how pronouns and physical expressions have become more expansive and fluid, Snapchat created new versions of Pride Flags with blended gradients, giving the LGBTQIA+ community a way to embrace the spectrum of identity and an individual’s place within it. The optical elements of the Lenses underscore that diversity, with non-linear gradients and color spectrums meant to emphasize the nuance and richness of the LGBTQIA+ experience. 
And starting today, in partnership with Pride Basics, Snapchatters can have that flag printed and shipped directly to their doorstep. For each flag sold, $2 will go to InterPride to help support equity efforts worldwide. 
Get started with your custom flag here -- and happy Pride!