25 mai 2023
25 mai 2023

 Personnalisez votre Snapchat avec la dernière version de Snapchat+

Présentation de nouvelles fonctionnalités comme les icônes d’application, les thèmes personnalisés, les animaux de compagnie et les voitures de Bitmoji sur la carte Snap

Almost a year in, it’s been amazing to see our Snapchat+ subscriber community use exclusive features to customize the app and make it their very own. This month, our latest drop offers even more ways to express yourself and make Snapchat a reflection of you. 

New App Icons

There are five new app icons to choose from to keep your home screen fresh and ready for summer, including tie-dye, night time beach, and pixelated styles. 

App Themes

Want a new way to totally change up your Snapchat look to match your mood? Your navigation bar, notifications, and more can be completely customized. So, if you’re in head-to-toe pink on Wednesdays, your Snapchat can match, and when you open the app, the hue feels true to you.

Bitmoji Pets and Cars

If you're hitting the road with your pet, they can come along for the ride on Snap Map. Coming soon, we’ll have 10 Bitmoji pets, from puppies to parrots, and five cars to choose from so you can ride in style.

These new features are in addition to the many ways Snapchat+ can help enhance your experience to match your personal style.

Tailor chats with your friends using custom chat wallpapers, with options to select a pre-made favorite from the library, shot from camera roll or by creating your own with Generative AI. Plus, you can change up your Bitmoji background from a selection of exclusive wallpapers, or by using Generative AI.

Available for $3.99/month, Snapchatters can subscribe to Snapchat+ anytime by visiting their Profile. 

Happy Snapchat+ing!

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