Vogue's World through a New Lens

In celebration of VOGUE’s 130th year, we’re collaborating on several custom-built AR experiences for the VOGUE World fashion show taking place on September 12th. 

We’re introducing new Lenses that complement the ethereal concept for the highly anticipated event. The first Lens, called Skywalk, will transform the show’s setting through augmented reality, synchronized with the timing of the overall production. Attendees using the Lens will experience blossoming flowers emerging from the ground as soon as the first models walk down the runway. Then, the flowers will slowly float into the sky as a glowing moon appears as the show continues. During the finale, the petals will fall like confetti at the end of the catwalk. It leverages the latest Snap AR technology, including sky segmentation and surface tracking, to heighten the realism of the effects. 

The next Lens brings daylight shimmers and moonlit reflections to your face, highlighting the glow of the event. 

Snapchatters who want a taste of what it’s like to walk the Vogue runway will be able to from home with Lenses available globally on Vogue’s Brand Profile.  Anyone can make their own fashion show as they show off their personal style through these Lenses. These experiences are built by Arcadia, Snap’s creative studio for branded augmented reality. 

Mark Guiducci, Creative Editorial Director of Vogue notes: “Vogue World: New York is a celebration of all the ways in which fashion is changing. It comes at a moment when designers have become multidisciplinary creators, innovating how we engage with fashion—even virtually. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Snap to bring some of the best AR tech to our audiences, now and in the future."

And soon, the Vogue Runway app will feature a Snap powered augmented reality try-on experience with several of the VOGUE World runway looks. Anyone can see how these designer pieces look on themselves simply by taking a full body photo. Then, Snap’s new AR image processing technology, will apply the garments instantly. 

We’re excited for these AR experiences to bring a bit of New York Fashion Week right to your camera. 

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