Snap Recognized as a “Best Place to Work for Disability Inclusion” for the Second Year in a Row

At Snap, we know that disability inclusion drives innovation. For the second year in a row, we are proud to be recognized as a “DEI Best Place to Work for Disability Inclusion”  by the American Association of People with Disabilities (AADP), the nation’s largest disability rights organization, and Disability:IN, the global business disability inclusion network, to collectively advance the inclusion of people with disabilities. 

The Disability Equality Index (DEI) is a comprehensive benchmarking tool that helps companies build a roadmap of measurable, tangible actions that companies like Snap can take to achieve disability inclusion and equality.

“Our team at Snap aims to promote empathy, respect, and kindness around the spectrum of disability. It is our responsibility to provide support and to empower each other by ensuring that every single team member is given an equitable opportunity to thrive.Diversity, and the meaningful inclusion of people with disabilities, drives innovation in our product and creates a more affirming culture in our workforce. Icould not be more proud of the Snap team for receiving a top-score on the Disability Equality Index for the second year in a row.” – Oona King, Vice President, Diversity and Inclusion at Snap

 "There is no single best way to practice disability inclusion, however, the companies taking the DEI share the desire to create a workplace that fosters the concept of bringing your whole self to the office." – Maria Town, President and CEO of American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD)

We also aim to extend empathy to our users by being mindful of how our products are accessible for people of all abilities and remain committed to ensuring our team, community and products are inclusive of all abilities. As part of this work, we have released products like: 

  • The American Sign Language (ASL) Alphabet Lens, which uses technology that recognizes and translates ASL to help Snapchatters sign their name, learn the ASL alphabet, and more. We launched the new features designed thoughtfully by the Deafengers, a self-identified group of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing team members at Snap focused on creating an environment where people with different communication styles can connect.

  • New assistive devices, including hearing aids, cane stickers, and wheelchair poses to Bitmoji stickers. During the development process, we worked closely with Disability:IN and consulted with people who have lived experience using assisted devices to ensure the full accuracy of representation in our new products.

This also includes benefits and resources that directly support our Snap team and their families, such as: 

  • SnapAbility, Snap’s employee resource group that brings together a community of people who identify as persons with disabilities and also allies, guardians, and advocates of persons with disabilities. 

  • Rethink, a benefit that gives families 24/7 access to tools and resources to help each employee’s support team understand, teach, and communicate better with their child who has special needs. If someone on the team is caring for a child with a learning, social, or behavioral challenge, or a developmental disability, Rethink can help support every step of the way. 

  • A fully paid subscription to Wellthy, where team members and dependents who are experiencing or are caring for someone with multiple complicated medical conditions and situations can get a dedicated care coordinator. 

  • Access to mental health coaching and short-term therapy from Lyra, including up to 25 sessions for family members.

“Before I came to Snap, I was deeply ashamed of my disability. After meeting an incredible colleague, who was also the first person I met to disclose their disability, she opened my heart and eyes to the possibilities. I started to be myself, disabled and all – vulnerable, scared, but truly believing that I was a more considerate, empathetic, and better person because my disability made me, ME. This led to Emily Hui and I co-founding SnapAbility, Snap's first disability-focused ERG in 2019. Fast forward to now – I'm proud of my disability and have turned it into an additional perspective which I lend to everything I do. By leading DEIBA product initiatives at Bitmoji, I hope to continue with Snap on a path to create a world where every user feels seen and represented, in all the multi-faceted ways that make us human and kind.”  - Rai Hsu, Brand Integrity and Customer Advocacy Lead 

As a disabled person and a Diversity Manager at Snap, I am fortunate to help align our SnapAbility Employee Resource Group (ERG) with our Benefits team to resource and empower our employees to navigate how disabilities impact their day-to-day lives. I believe our growing success in the disability space is having the top-down leadership support that is able to resource us to try new programs that values independence and psychological safety for our disabled employees.” – JP Hytken, ERG and DEI Engagement Manager 

“Snapability, Snap’s employee resource group, has been a tremendous source of growth and strength for me.There's no manual on thriving in the tech industry for the neurodivergent. It can be an isolating experience. Having this group as a support system has made all the difference in my sense of belonging here.” - Lily Eriksen, Senior Digital Ad Support Specialist 

Read more about Snap’s diversity and inclusion efforts at and learn more about the disability equality index at

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