27. februar 2024
27. februar 2024

Cartier Celebrates 100 Years of The Trinity Collection on Snapchat

Snapchatters love using augmented reality to try on products from fashion brands, making the shopping experience personal, accessible, and fun. Today, we’re excited to announce a first-of-its-kind AR try-on experience that celebrates Cartier’s 100th anniversary of The Trinity Collection.

With a few simple taps, the Cartier Trinity Ring Lens lets you discover the collection, try on the Classic Trinity Ring, and shop wherever, whenever. Our new ring try-on technology, coupled with Ray Tracing and Hand Tracking, makes it more precise and life-like than ever before. When your hand moves, the ring follows, and Cartier’s Classic Trinity Ring sparkles in a way that’s true-to-life. 

This technology was developed exclusively with Cartier, who cares about not just the quality and reflection of metals and diamonds, but also the accuracy of the fit and placement of the ring on your finger. It uses machine learning to predict the 3D hand surface, which helps it better understand the shape of each individual hand.

This is what allows you to move your hand freely, just as you would in-store, to see how the ring truly looks before making a purchase.

To find the Cartier Trinity Ring Lens, scan the Snapcode below or head to Cartier’s profile on Snapchat. It’s available for Snapchatters globally on iOS and Android. Happy shopping!

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