04 de junho de 2024
04 de junho de 2024

Snapchat brings Versace’s new sneaker collection to life through augmented reality

For the launch of the Versace Mercury sneaker collection, Versace is partnering with Snapchat to bring its latest footwear innovation to life. Beginning today, Snapchatters can experience Versace Mercury and a glimpse of its futuristic design through a multitude of experiences that intertwine both the digital and physical world together.

An immersive augmented reality try-on Lens on Snapchat 

For a fully immersive experience, the Versace Mercury Lens harnesses the power of the front and back camera. Through an interactive journey that prompts Snapchatters to tap and break a stone to unveil the shoe, Snapchat’s state-of-the-art AR technology invites sneakerheads to try on the kicks and discover it in 3D.

A digital fashion collection for Bitmoji

Starting June 4th, Snapchatters can unlock the Versace Mercury sneakers for their Bitmoji alongside 12 exclusive and iconic pieces from the House. The Mercury sneakers can be accessed by redeeming 350 tokens, and the entire collection will range from 100 to 1,100 tokens, which are available for purchase in the Token Shop on Snapchat. Later this month, new Versace styles will be added to the Bitmoji collection.

To unlock the Versace Mercury collection for Bitmoji, go to Snapchat and tap the Profile icon on the top left hand corner to find your Profile screen. ​Tap on the hanger icon to enter the Bitmoji outfits section, and then tap the Versace logo to view the collection. You can also tap here to see the styles.

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