ARound The World on Snapchat
This week, Snap worked with partners all over the world to push the technical boundaries of augmented reality and create experiences that bring cultural events and social issues to life for millions of Snapchatters. From light shows in Amsterdam, raising awareness of global warming and climate change in partnership with The Design Museum in London, and even driving action to protect the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.
Alex Israel x Snapchat Exhibit Opens at Art Basel Miami Beach
The Bass opened its doors to Alex Israel x Snapchat, an exhibition that uses Snap’s augmented reality technology to bring Alex Israel’s iconic Self-Portraits to life.
Şimdi Snap Haritası üzerinde Katmanlar arasında kaybol
Bugün doğrudan platforma özel deneyimler getiren yeni bir özellik olan Katmanlar ile Snap Haritası'nı daha kişiselleştirilmiş hâle getiriyor ve iki orijinal Katman'ı duyuruyoruz: Anılar ve Keşfet.
New Disney PhotoPass Augmented Reality Lenses Debut at Walt Disney World Resort
This year, we've been working closely with Disney PhotoPass Service to bring special AR lenses to the My Disney Experience app using Camera Kit.
Food Scan is inspiring the next generation of cooks, and it’s as easy as pie
We introduced Scan to help Snapchatters discover and understand the world around them in the fastest way possible: with our Camera.
Snap Adds Sony Music to its Library; Creates New AR Music Lenses
Today, we’re excited to announce a new deal with Sony Music Entertainment to include their artists’ music into Snap’s Sounds library.
Investing in the next generation of Computer Science educators
Today, as part of the Action to Catalyze Tech Report launch, the Catalyze Tech coalition announced that $20 million in new funding is being pledged to four teaching colleges — a commitment that we hope will grow to support more schools across the country.
"GREAT SCOTT!" Snap NBCUniversal'ın Film ve Dizi Katalogundan Seslere Başlıklar Ekliyor
Bugün, NBCUniversal ile yeni bir anlaşma yaptığımızı duyurmaktan heyecan duyuyoruz; böylece Snapchatter'lar tüm dünyada Snap'lerine NBCUniversal'ın filmler ve televizyon dizilerinden oluşan güçlü katalogundan ve Peacock'taki orijinal programlardan ses klipleri (ünlü alıntılar ve tema müzikleri) ekleyebilecek. Popüler eserler (ve daha fazlası!) arasında
Introducing Catalyze Tech
The Action to Catalyze Tech Report (ACT)calls on tech companies to commit to bold, collective action by open sourcing DEI best practices, encouraging tech companies to collaborate on systemic, cross-industry solutions, and increasing accountability to drive change.
Our Continued Work to Combat Climate Change: Becoming Net Negative by 2030
Today we are proud to take Snap's climate strategy a big step further by committing to achieve Net Zero -- removing from the environment as much carbon as we emit each year -- and then going beyond Net Zero to make Snap net negative by 2030, meaning we will remove more carbon than we are emitting.