Travel the globe, team up with friends, and let your imagination run free with Bitmoji Paint

Today, we announced Bitmoji Paint, a new game inside of Snapchat where millions of players can come together simultaneously to contribute to one, massive collage.

Built by Snap Games Studio, Bitmoji Paint introduces a whole new kind of game inside of Snapchat. Snapchatters’ Bitmojis can travel the globe, team up with friends and let their imagination run free on one shared canvas. Simple scribbles, fun messages or even giant landscapes are all possible in Bitmoji Paint.

Here’s how it works:

  • Players enter the game through Chat (behind the rocket icon) or Search, and are faced with a planet with multiple islands floating in space.

  • Each island is a server that players can join along with hundreds of other real players. When players select an island to join, they are then placed on a live, editable canvas. 

  • Players are able to paint, explore and hangout by switching between 3 modes; Move, Paint and Map.

  • You can encounter other Snapchatters in game organically, and communicate with them through a menu of emotes to each other. 

  • See something that doesn’t belong? Quickly report it using our in app reporting option.

We are also introducing Snap Tokens to customize the Bitmoji Paint experience for Android users. Snap Tokens are digital goods that can be purchased and stored in a virtual wallet tied to your Snapchat account. Within Bitmoji Paint on Android, Snap Tokens can be used toward roller skates or hoverboards to move around the game more quickly, or things like an ink painter or a paint roller to make larger creations. 

Bitmoji Paint will roll out globally beginning today. We're so excited to see what our community creates to shape the future of this new, artistic world.

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