Contributing to COVID-19 Relief

As the global COVID-19 pandemic continues, Snapchat’s technology makes it possible to stay in touch with friends, bring awareness to safety protocol as public health guidance evolves and stay informed by trusted media publishers. 

From Snapchat Calling to Snap Camera, friends have kept close through voice and video. Snapchat’s calling feature, often used with AR experiences, grew by more than 50% during late March compared to late February. *

With a new suite of creative tools, Snapchatters have quickly shared expert-approved best practices with their friends with their snaps. We’ve launched three COVID-19 Lenses, including a worldwide Lens with tips for staying safe with information sourced from the World Health Organization. These Lenses have reached almost 130 million Snapchatters globally. **

And today, to further support the global COVID-19 relief efforts, we're launching a new augmented reality donation experience, using Snapchat Lenses to bring awareness to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organisation.

Through the Snapchat camera, Snapchatters can scan 23 international currency notes across 33 countries, bringing up an AR visualisation of how donations support the World Health Organisation’s immediate response efforts to track the spread of COVID-19, ensure patients get the care they need and provide frontline workers with critical supplies. Snapchatters can then easily donate and encourage friends to do the same by sending Snaps of the experience.

Additionally, media publishers covering COVID-19 on our Discover platform will give Snapchatters the option to swipe up to donate directly from their content. To date, over 445 Discover Stories or Shows have been produced on COVID-19, and over 68 million Snapchatters worldwide have viewed COVID-19-related content on Snapchat. Over 40% of Gen Z in the US have tuned into this content to stay informed. ***

With COVID-19 continuing to affect people around the world, Snapchatters are staying closely connected to their friends, can easily find timely and accurate stories on how to stay safe and can donate and bring awareness to relief efforts that can make an impact.


* Snap Inc. internal data 22 February–6 March 2020 vs 16–29 March 2020.

** Snap Inc. internal data March 2020.

***Snap Inc. internal data 1–29 March 2020. Gen Z comprises Snapchatters aged 13–24. Age and location data subject to limitations. See for details.

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