Introducing Explore on Snap Map

Every day millions of people use Snap Map to catch up with their friends and see amazing Stories from around the world. Today we’re introducing Explore – your tour guide to what’s happening on your Snap Map! Just tap “New Updates” to get started.

Explore updates automatically appear when friends take a road trip, fly some place new and more – like visit a landmark or attend a big festival. With one tap, you can start a new conversation. You’ll also get updates for other moments you might want to see like breaking news, events and trends.

Explore only includes updates from the friends who are sharing their location with you on Snap Map. Sharing your location on Snap Map is opt-in – so if you’ve never visited Snap Map before or are in Ghost Mode today, your friends won’t be able to see your location.

Explore will be rolling out to Snapchatters globally over the next few weeks.

Happy Exploring!

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