New ways to eat and shop using Snapchat's camera

Earlier this year, we introduced our latest Scan partners like Dog Scanner and Plant Snap, helping you to identify over 400 breeds of dogs and 90% of all known plants and trees. We also announced Voice Scanner powered by SoundHound, which pulls up various Lenses based on your own voice commands. 

And now, with the help from our latest Scan partners Yuka and Vivino, we’re bringing Snapchatters Nutrition Scanner and Wine Scanner, which can make everyday experiences, like cooking, grocery shopping and opening a bottle of wine, a more fun and informative experience. 

With Snapchat’s Nutrition Scanner, powered by Yuka, you’ll be able to Scan up to 1 million food products according to Yuka, and get ratings on the quality of ingredients in many packaged foods – found in your very own pantry or even in the food aisles at the supermarket. Yuka analyses the food across a couple of categories, including basic nutritional content, the presence of additives and the organic nature of the product. 

We’re also introducing Wine Scanner, so now, you will be able to Scan over 12 million types of wine labels according to Vivino, and see useful information like the rating of the wine, tasting profiles and much more, thanks to our partners at Vivino. 

From finding a fun Lens that perfectly expresses your mood to helping you navigate grocery store aisles or even your own pantry, Scan and our camera is a starting point to help Snapchatters express themselves and learn about the world.

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