Data Privacy Day: helping Snapchatters learn about online safety

At Snap, thinking about the privacy and well-being of our users is behind how we develop our products. From the outset, Snapchat was designed to recreate the natural feeling of a conversation – private communication between close friends that gets deleted by default and isn’t preserved for eternity.

Our approach, which puts privacy right at the centre, isn’t a talking point for us – it runs throughout our business. We put new features through an intense privacy review process to make sure they've met our standards. We handle Snapchatters’ information with the same care that we use for ourselves, our family and our friends: we don’t stockpile their private messages, and Snaps and Chats delete by default. 

We have always viewed the privacy and safety of our community as connected. Privacy isn’t just about data protection and security – it’s about personal protection and security too. For example, Snapchat's privacy-based design makes it harder for strangers to find and contact members of our community. Many of our features are set to private by default, which helps protect Snapchatters from unwittingly sharing information with their friends.

But beyond this, we believe we have a responsibility to help our community learn about how to protect their privacy and well-being when using our products. So far, we've been doing this through our Privacy Centre, which sets out in clear, accessible terms, how Snapchatters can control their information, the data we collect from each of our products and how it is used. We have also increased our in-app education efforts, such as sending a Mass Chat to Snapchatters reminding them to boost their account security by using two-factor authentication and creating a series of animated Snaps about our privacy practices. 

In 2021, we'll strengthen our commitment to these efforts by launching a more comprehensive digital literacy campaign for Snapchatters. Today, as we mark Data Privacy Day, we’re pleased to launch “Safety Snapshot”, a new safety and privacy-focused channel on our Discover Platform, produced in partnership with external experts. Each month, this channel will offer Snapchatters a number of straightforward tips, starting with an episode scheduled for today that walks Snapchatters through how to better protect their account by verifying their email and phone number. Future episodes will focus on Snapchat’s privacy settings; the importance of two-factor authentication; and how to set strong passwords to protect against phishing. 

In addition, we’re launching a new filter in partnership with the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF), a leading privacy organisation based in America, which includes a swipe-up link to more resources on their website, such as a student privacy communications toolkit.

We'll continue expanding this initiative in the coming months, adding more in-app resources and partnerships to help Snapchatters and their loved ones better understand privacy and safety issues. Our goal is to find innovative ways to further integrate online safety education in Snapchat in ways that will resonate with this mobile-first generation. 

To check out the channel, simply open Snapchat and point your camera at the Snapcode below. Press and hold the Snapcode on your screen to scan it, then select “Open”. Alternatively, you can simply search for Safety Snapshot in Snapchat! Don’t forget to subscribe! 

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