02 February 2024
02 February 2024

Less Social Media. More Snapchat.

We may look like social media to some, but Snapchatters know we’re not. Now, we’re showing the rest of the world that we’re not social media, we’re Snapchat.

Somewhere along the way the promise of social media changed. Everything it aimed to be, the gaps it was meant to bridge, the connection it was meant to foster, the joy it was supposed to bring started to feel different. 

But not on Snapchat. From the very beginning, Snapchat was built as an alternative to social media. Our founders designed Snapchat to be a fun way to send photo and video messages, in the moment, to their closest friends and family. Snapchat was never designed to amass huge “friend” networks, compete for likes, offer an endless scroll of perfectly produced and carefully curated content. It was designed to be a place where you could be real. 

All along, we’ve prioritized doing what’s right for our community and stayed true to our values. We’ve continued to focus on helping Snapchatters feel closer to their friends and family, rather than building mass networks of people they barely know. And those connections have been shown to make people happier. Our goal is to provide a healthy and safe environment for all Snapchatters – and especially the youngest members of our community. We designed our platform differently to prioritize real friendships and prevent unwanted contact and we offer extra safeguards for teen Snapchatters.

Today, Snapchat is launching a new campaign in the US that will show the world exactly what we are not and what we are. What we stand for, and what we don’t. 

This campaign shines a light on the unfiltered, bright yellow world of Snapchat - where people can easily share what matters to them in the moment, with the people that matter to them most. A place with more of their friends. With more of the real parts of their lives, not just the best parts. With more joy. And fun. And laughter. Check it out. 

We hope you join us in our journey to make the world a little bit happier. Because we all need more connection. We just don’t need social media to do it.

Read more about our philosophy at https://www.MoreSnapchat.com #MoreSnapchat

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