SPS 2021: New AR Tools and Camera Experiences for Snapchatters, Creators and Businesses

With our partners and the Lens Creator community, we’re working to build a smarter and more powerful Snapchat Camera - transforming how we interact with the world through immersive AR experiences.

Today, we’re introducing new AR tools and camera experiences across the Snap AR ecosystem.

Scan and Camera Shortcuts

With Scan, you can search through millions of Lenses in the fastest and easiest way possible – with the Camera! Today, we’re bringing the Scan button front and centre, placing it right on the main camera screen of Snapchat, making it simple to find fun and informative Lenses from creators and partners. These Lenses give you the power to identify hundreds of dog breeds, more than 600,000 plants and trees, and millions of songs and products.

We’re continually adding new categories of intelligence to Scan, like fashion and food. Screenshop gives shopping recommendations from hundreds of brands when you Scan a friend’s outfit. You can also select a photo from Memories to Scan with Screenshop. It’s like having a personal shopper right in your Camera, and it’s starting to roll out today.

Soon, Allrecipes will recommend recipes based on ingredients seen through your Snapchat Camera. So if you have a ripe avocado, just Scan it! Suggestions for the perfect guacamole recipe are one tap away, using the Snapchat Camera.

We’re also introducing Camera Shortcuts, new combinations of creative tools that make it even easier to capture the moments you want to share. Based on what’s in your camera’s view, Snapchat will suggest relevant camera modes, Lenses and soundtracks. Camera Shortcuts are beginning to roll out today.

Lens Studio

Lens Studio is our powerful, free desktop application that lets any creator, developer or business combine their technical and creative capabilities to build, publish and promote Lenses. Today, we’re updating Lens Studio with new tools that empower people to build even more innovative Lenses across gaming, education, shopping and more.

Connected Lenses let friends interact with AR together. With shared state, real-time interaction and co-located sessions, you can chat, play and create whether you’re in the same room or across the world.

3D Body Mesh, Cloth Simulation and a Visual Effects Editor make AR look and move more realistically than ever before so virtual clothes look remarkably real, allowing you to create a completely custom look.

SnapML now enables creators to import their own custom ML models that analyse and generate audio, so Lenses can respond to sound.

Visual classification brings the power of Scan into Lens Studio, allowing creators to build Lenses that understand more than 500 categories of objects.

Lens Analytics gives creators the information they need to build even more engaging and retentive experiences. Anonymous and aggregated data bring rich, detailed insights to help you learn from your audiences and build better Lenses, all while protecting the privacy of our community.

Download and get started creating with Lens Studio here. AR Try On and Business Solutions

We’re introducing new AR try on experiences with our fashion partners, bringing Snapchatters together with the businesses they care about through the Snapchat Camera. FARFETCH provides an immersive shopping experience using 3D Body Mesh and voice-enabled controls, so you can ask for items you’re looking to browse and try on instantly with AR. It makes trying on and shopping fun, fast and easy!

Prada is tapping into our new gesture recognition capabilities, letting you signal to Snapchat when you want to check out another item or colour so you can find the perfect new addition to your wardrobe. Brands and businesses can drive valuable, scalable solutions through our Snapchat Camera. We're introducing API-enabled Lenses so businesses can tap into dynamic and automatic ways to feature their real-time content in AR without additional work. Through our partnership with Perfect Corp, The Estée Lauder Companies will be among the first to integrate their product catalogue through our API in Business Manager, making it easy to create and publish new Dynamic Shopping Lenses that include price, availability and a way to purchase. Brands, like M·A·C Cosmetics, can learn which items, colours and styles their customers are most interested in with new AR Shopping Analytics.

In addition to API-enabled shopping Lenses, we’re working with select partners to bring real-time content into Lenses. Starting today, Major League Baseball brings stats from live games right into Lenses. Their Official Data Partner, Sportradar, provides the real-time scores that become part of your stories as you celebrate game-winning runs in the moment with friends.

Public Profiles for Businesses now let brands establish a permanent presence on Snapchat to showcase your Lenses, Highlights and Stories. Brands can also enable browsing, try on and buying through Shops, turning Snapchat into a new point of sale.

With our new Creator Marketplace, brands and partners can use our self-serve Business Manager portal to find and contact verified creators. This marketplace streamlines the connection to some of the best professionals in the world, giving Lens Creators new opportunities to build their own businesses.

Businesses and creators can get started at ar.snap.com. We can’t wait to see what you will create!

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