29 June 2023
29 June 2023

Snapchat+: Celebrating 1 Year with 4 Million Subscribers

One year ago today, we introduced Snapchat+, our subscription service that offers access to exclusive, experimental and pre-released features. Since then, the community of subscriber has grown to more than four million.

Snapchat+ subscribers love the frequent feature drops that enhance communication with their closest friends, favourite creators and allow them to customize the look and feel of their app.

In the past twelve months, subscribers got a first look at brand-new offerings like Snapchat for web and our AI-powered Chatbot, My AI. Today, subscribers have access to more than 20 features, including custom app themes, unique app icons and the ability to pin your #1 BFF - and there's more on the way soon, including:

  • Expressive Chat Messages: Express yourself with BIG reactions, or share a small note. Now, you can make your messages match your mood with expressive font sizes.

  • Custom Chat Colours: Pick a hue that feels like you for your messages to friends.

Check these new features out in the coming weeks. Happy Snapping!

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