Introducing Spectacles 3

Today we’re excited to introduce Spectacles 3, the latest version of Spectacles sunglasses with dual cameras designed to capture the world in 3D.

Spectacles 3 are built with a strong, lightweight steel frame and circular lenses. Two HD cameras on either side of the frame capture depth and dimension the way your eyes do and power new augmented reality creative tools to enhance your Snaps.

It’s easy to re-imagine your favourite moments with a suite of new 3D Effects. Create your own magic moment, or add new lighting, landscapes and other magical effects to an entire scene with a swipe.

Use the included 3D Viewer to immerse yourself in one of your own memories or enjoy someone else’s perspective.

Spectacles 3 will ship this autumn and are available to pre-order now at

We hope you love the new Spectacles as much as we do!

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