Bringing more transparency to the camera

Snapchat has always opened to the camera, making it the easiest and fastest way to visually communicate with friends. Our camera opens up without any Lenses or Filters, and there are lots of ways to make Snaps more expressive by using our creative tools to change up your world view or the way you look. Through transparent design, Snapchatters are empowered to express themselves in their own unique way.

We’re collaborating with Google on a new set of best practices to bring even more transparency around facial retouching on our platform. This supports the philosophy we’ve always had – our community should have complete control over changes made to their appearance in Snaps. 

We also believe that language is important. Lens Studio already uses value-neutral terms for its facial retouching feature. We use words like “Retouching” instead of “Beautification” to give Lens Creators the space to interpret how their Lenses look and make people feel. We are committed to continuing to make improvements in this area and across Snapchat. 

This is just one step in our ongoing effort to better support Snapchatters. We look forward to building on this and developing more ways to support a transparent relationship with technology and our community.

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