25 May 2023
25 May 2023

An Update on our UK Community: 21 Million And Counting!

It's why our community continues to grow - and today we're thrilled to announce we have over 21 million monthly active users in the UK!

To celebrate this milestone, we thought we'd share a few fun facts about UK Snapchatters:

  • Snapchat currently reaches 90% of 13-24 years olds and 75% of 13-34 year olds across the UK.

  • While we're loved by GenZ, over 45% of Snapchatters in the UK are 25 years or older.

  • In the UK, Snapchatters open the app an average of 50 times per day - to chat with friends and family, catch highlights from their favourite show or share moments from their lives.

  • Nearly 70% use our augmented reality lenses daily to help express themselves creatively, have fun and even try on and buy clothes.

Ultimately, there's one core thing that connects them - a love for a platform that's fun, pressure-free and for real relationships between friends, family and the world.

Thanks to our UK community for Snapping with us!

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