June 18, 2024
June 18, 2024

Introducing New AR Experiences, Powered by GenAI

Snap’s GenAI advancements are transforming what’s possible in augmented reality

At Snap, we believe in building and advancing technology that empowers our global community to express themselves and bring their creativity to life. So today, we’re unveiling new AR experiences powered by GenAI for Snapchatters and our AR developer community. 

Innovations in Real-Time GenAI, Coming Soon to Snapchat 

We’re previewing Snap’s real-time image model that can instantly bring your imagination to life in AR. This early prototype makes it possible to type in an idea for a transformation and generate vivid AR experiences in real time.

This milestone of running GenAI models in real-time on mobile devices is made possible by our team’s breakthroughs to optimize faster, more performant GenAI techniques. Our team of researchers and engineers is constantly innovating to make GenAI faster and lighter, so our Snapchat community can create and communicate with their friends on the go.  Our GenAI techniques power Bitmoji Backgrounds, Chat Wallpapers, Dreams, AI Pets and of course, our AI Lenses.  

New GenAI Tools for our AR Creator Community 

We’re also introducing a new GenAI Suite to our AR authoring tool Lens Studio, enabling AR creators to generate custom ML models and assets to power their Lenses. This suite of tools supercharges AR creation by saving weeks to even months of time creating new models from scratch, making it possible to build high-quality Lenses faster than ever. 

We want to empower anyone to express themselves through the tools in Lens Studio, and the GenAI Suite adds new capabilities to unleash new dimensions of creativity. Artists, creators, and developers can mix custom ML models with additional AR features to create just the right look for a Lens. 

We’ve even teamed up with London’s National Portrait Gallery to create Lenses inspired by iconic portrait styles using the GenAI Suite. Snapchatters can choose from a collection of portrait-style Lenses, take a Snap, and submit it to the museum’s “Living Portrait” projection wall.  

We’re excited about how the GenAI Suite has been embraced by the artistic community. 

A look at one of the Lenses created by the Snap and the National Portrait Gallery, which used the GenAI Suite.

The GenAI Suite is part of our new Lens Studio 5.0 release, built from the ground up for improved productivity, modularity, and speed. This update empowers AR creators, developers, and teams with new tools to personalize their development workflow, so they can extend the capabilities of Lens Studio and build more complex projects.

We can’t wait for our community to try these new tools and explore their creative potential. 

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