July 02, 2024
July 02, 2024

New Features to Make Your Snapchat Account Uniquely YOU

Already more than 9 million Snapchatters have subscribed to Snapchat+, our subscription service that offers access to exclusive and pre-release features that help you connect even more closely with your friends, customize your app, and be the first to try our most technologically advanced features. 

Today, we’re introducing new features helping members make their accounts even more personalized. Some of the new features available now and coming soon include:

  • Design a personalized house on Snap Map, visible to you and friends you share your location with on Snap Map. There are nearly infinite ways to customize your crib, whether you’re going for a realistic look or whimsical candy castle. 

  • Have your pet by your side not only on Snap Map, but in chats too! Now, your custom pet will appear by your Bitmoji’s side as you type in conversations with friends. 

  • Send lightning quick Snaps to your friends or post to your Story with new expiration options that last .10, .25, and .50 seconds!

We’re constantly rolling out new features for our subscriber community. Stay up to date on what’s available on our Support Site

We have new features available for our entire community too! For all Snapchatters:

  • Check yourself out with a new live “Mirror” in our Bitmoji Builder to help select features that look most like you! 

  • Also be sure to check out our latest AI-powered Lenses, like “My 5-Year Old Self” that sends you back in time! 

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