December 12, 2023
December 12, 2023

Celebrate Your 2023 on Snapchat

2023 was quite a year! Whether you were using our augmented reality Lenses to Snap fun selfies to friends, creating content for the whole community to enjoy, or sharing a behind-the-scenes look while globetrotting the world, you captured it all on Snapchat - and we can’t wait for you to check out your personalized Snapchat Recap. 

In the meantime, we uncovered some fun insights that show how Snapchatters spent the year.  

Our community continued to use augmented reality as a tool for creativity with Baby Cheeks, Anime AI, AI Universe, Sibling and Goofy Gaze as some of our top Lenses of the year. [1]

Spotlight continued to shine a light on our community’s most entertaining Snaps, and we saw some trending moments rise to the top [2]:

  • Valentine’s Day: Snapchatters captured everything from their cutest date spots to laugh-out-loud date stories.

  • Music Festival Season: Featured everything from festival fashion and makeup to recapping their favorite moments.

  • Back-to-School: Highlighted tips to make the most of the school year from upperclassmen, back-to-school fashion and more. 

  • Halloween: To celebrate spooky season, our community Snapped their best costumes, decorations and fall favorites.

  • Spring Fashion: We saw tons of fresh fashion tips, fits and finds just in time for spring.

Finally, when it came to traveling around the world, Snapchatters were shopping and sightseeing at some of the globe’s most iconic spots. This year’s top places that Snapchatters captured in Snaps included [3]:

  • Dubai Mall

  • Magic Kingdom Park

  • Eiffel Tower

  • Times Square

  • Fenway Park

Snapchatters can find their Snapchat Recap featuring their favorite Memories by swiping up from the Camera. 

Happy Snapping & see you next year!

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