Snapchat Profiles get a new look, with 3D Bitmoji

Bitmoji is giving Snap Profiles a new look, and a new dimension -- with 3D Bitmoji in Profiles.

Now, Snapchatters can express themselves in even more unique ways, with over 1,200 combinations of body poses, facial expressions, gestures, and backgrounds to choose from. 

From peace signs and prayer hands, to scenic beaches and trendy animal print backgrounds -- Snapchatters can now match their 3D Bitmoji to their every mood. 

Snapchatters will see their 3D Bitmoji in Snap Profiles, Friendship Profiles, and will have the option to share their customized 3D Bitmoji with friends on and off of Snapchat.

Don’t have your Bitmoji set up yet? Head to our support page to get started.

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