Introducing App Stories

Today, we're launching a new developer product to bring one of Snapchat’s most popular features into other apps: App Stories

Stories have become the leading mobile format, providing people with a canvas to express themselves. App Stories let developers easily add Stories to their app to help build a content ecosystem, drive engagement on their platform, and tap into one of the most-used cameras in the world. 

With App Stories, it's easy for developers to leverage our technology and community to drive engagement on their platforms, tapping into the 218MM people who open the Snapchat camera every day.

And for Snapchatters, it's simple and streamlined to share Snaps from their home workout on their Triller profile, for example. Or, share Snaps with others who they may not be connected to on Snapchat, like adding content to a dating profile on Hily.

We're starting with several partners:

  • Triller - The Triller community will now have access to engaging Snapchat Stories from their favorite artists, creators, and friends.

  • Squad - Their users can co-watch Snapchat Stories while in a call together. Since Squad has public rooms, the integration also allows users to see stories on each other’s profiles — giving a glimpse into each other’s lives.

  • Hily - App Stories will appear in a bar on the profile of every user who connects Hily to Snapchat. With Snapchat Lenses and Filters, App stories will be a great addition to Hily stories which are one the most frequently used features on the app.

  • Octi - Now, Snapchatters to post custom Stories directly to their Octi AR profiles. Snapchat users simply send a Snap to a new "My Octi Story" option, available within the Snapchat app. The Story then automatically appears as a tile on their Octi AR belt, viewable to everyone on their Octi AR belt.

App Stories is part of Snap Kit, our collection of developer tools that help third parties build integrations with Snapchat. Like all Snap products, App Stories was designed with a privacy-centric approach: Snap does not share demographic information or friend lists with third-party developers.

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