The ARtist Series: Sallia Goldstein

Sallia Goldstien believes Lenses are modern day magic. This Los Angeles-based Lens Creator started off as a frequent doodler with hopes of becoming an artist. After studying mechanical engineering at UC Riverside and UCLA, she felt unsatisfied that she wasn’t doing anything creative, so she went back to school as a technical artist. Not long after, a friend told her about Lens Studio and she immediately started channeling her creativity through the platform. 
Her side project turned into a passion project when a crush noticed Sallia’s Lens and messaged her about her work. “You made this?! So cool,” she said, and that’s when Sallia realized that creating AR experiences that help people connect was her super power. “I feel like a modern day wizard, casting beautiful spells and sharing them with the public," said Sallia.
Now, Sallia makes a living as a full time Lens Creator who has worked with major apparel brands including and she is passionate about growing the industry. She cares deeply about achieving parity for women in AR, saying “The CGI industry, gaming arts, cinematics and beyond are still extremely male dominated. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be a visible woman in this space, and I’m a huge advocate for other women in the industry.
This year, Sallia was recognized at our first ever Lens Fest Awards for her outstanding work on ¡Vendedores, Presente!, a Lens made in partnership with Ruben Ochoa as part of the Monumental Perspectives initiative with LACMA in April, 2021. Together, they created an augmented reality monument that pays homage to the shared history of street vendors in L.A. 
Congratulations, Sallia!