Score! Snap Extends Deals with NFL, WNBA and NBA

Today, Snap announced expanded multi-year content deals with the NFL, WNBA, and NBA. These partnerships continue to offer our community new ways to experience the biggest sports events in the world no matter where they are. 

The three sports leagues will continue their collaboration with Snap - providing their current shows on Discover, including always-updating Highlight Shows, as well as bringing new AR experiences and content to Spotlight. 

These renewals are a strong validation that Snapchat continues to be an incredibly important platform for some of the biggest sports leagues in the world. 205 million people watched sports content on Snapchat in 2021, and among people aged 18-34, Snap provides almost 40% incremental reach to sports events on TV, sports websites and apps. 

Expanded Deals Include: 


Entering the 7th year of our partnership, the NBA will continue to air episodes of theBest of the NBAandNBA Highlightson Discover. 

  • What’s New:For the first time, the NBA will collaborate  with Snap to develop a number of Spotlight Challenges throughout the year. These Spotlight Challenges champion Snapchatters to create Snaps that highlight their unique voice, perspective, personality and creativity. The NBA also plans to create Snapchat Cameos for a number of events throughout the year. 


For the first time, Snapchatters can access a WNBA highlight show - Best of the WNBA.The WNBA has also made a commitment to Cameos and distributing content on Spotlight.


Entering the 7th year of our partnership, the NFL will continue to air episodes of NFL Audible, NFL Extra Point, andNFL Highlights, which includes two episodes every week that will update in near real time - covering all the top plays and moments throughout the season. 

  • What’s new: NFL and Snap will collaborate on more creative tools to elevate your game-viewing experience, including immersive AR experiences for some of the biggest NFL events. As part of their expanded multi-year deal, the NFL is also committing to [Camera Kit, Games,] and collaborate with Snap on a number of Spotlight Challenges throughout the year. 

  • Snapchatters in North America engaged with AR during Super Bowl LVI Sunday over 2.1 billion times. 


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