Food Scan is inspiring the next generation of cooks, and it’s as easy as pie

We introduced Scan to help Snapchatters discover and understand the world around them in the fastest way possible: with our Camera. Scan can surface relevant Lenses and information about so many things you come across in your day-to-day: from clothing, to pets, plants, and wine labels. But starting today, there’s even more to discover. 

Say hello to your new sous-chef: Food Scan! It’s available to Snapchatters starting today in the United States. 

Food Scan can parse and understand foods and ingredients you have right in front of you using computer vision. Then, our Camera connects what it sees to suggestions from Allrecipes, changing the way Snapchatters cook, grocery shop, and find recipe inspiration. So, if you have an extra carton of eggs chilling in the refrigerator, Scan them and relevant recipes will be immediately at hand -- everything from huevos rancheros to bacon devilled eggs. Just open your Snapchat Camera, point it at the egg, and press the Scan button to get started.

Food Scan recommends 4,500+ recipes from Allrecipes based on 1,200+ ingredients understood through the Snapchat camera. It also returns relevant info from Wikipedia to help Snapchatters learn even more about the food in front of them, like where that type of food comes from. 

With more than 170 million Snapchatters using Scan each month, we can’t wait to see what our community cooks up with the help of our Camera. What are you waiting for? Go relish every moment - and recipe - with Food Scan! 

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