HBD Snap Map!

Five years ago, we launched Snap Map to show you where your friends are, and what they’re up to, plus content submitted by Snapchatters around the world. Today, more than 300 million Snapchatters open the map each month. 

It’s been a particularly busy year for Snap Map, building new ways to help our community connect more closely with what’s around them, and each other. 

Partners like Ticketmaster and The Infatuation made it easier than ever to use our map to find great local restaurants and upcoming concerts happening nearby. 

We’ve also added new ways to discover interesting places, all personalized to each individual Snapchatter. With more than 30 million Place listings, Snap Map helps Snapchatters see with a glance what cool coffee shop or buzzy restaurant is just around the corner. 

Finally, our Live Location Sharing safety tool has helped Snapchatters and their friends stay safe on the go. 

We are so excited to continue to build the world's most personal map – so happy birthday, Snap Map and cheers to the next five years! 

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