Recent Additions to Team Snapchat

When we launched Snapchat in September 2011, we were finally ready to share something we loved with the rest of the world. We had created a different way to communicate with our friends - it felt more personal, and it was a lot more fun. We hoped the rest of the world would love it too.

The response has been absolutely mind blowing. Less than two years later, Snapchatters are sharing over 200 million snaps every day. And thanks to our incredible and hardworking team, we’ve been able to support the growth of Snapchat with minimal overhead.

But in order to continue scaling while developing the Snapchat experience, we needed to build a bigger engineering team and figure out how to pay our server bills.

We’re fortunate to welcome IVP to Team Snapchat as the lead investor in our recent Series B financing. General Catalyst, Benchmark Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and SV Angel also participated in the round. We are thankful for their belief in the Snapchat community and we look forward to working with them as we continue to grow.

We have also added Michael Lynton as an independent board member. Michael is a remarkably talented and creative executive who believed in Snapchat way before it was cool. He is a tremendous role model and we are grateful for his time and energy.

Long story short – we’re committed to building a big company around an innovative and fun product. And we know we can’t do it without you. So thank you for your endless support and enthusiasm for Snapchat. It means the world to us.

There are some really exciting surprises around the corner…

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