Snap Wraps on its Global AR Creator Celebration, Lens Fest

Lens Fest began as a close gathering of passionate Lens Creators in 2018, and expanded to a larger group of more than 100 Lens Creators in 2019. This year, we opened the festival to everyone through a virtual event in order to include AR creators from around the world! 

But who is this community of artists and developers who have built many of the AR experiences that you see on Snapchat today? 

There are tens of thousands of Lens Creators who use Lens Studio to create and publish Lenses on Snapchat. The Lens Creator community is spread across the globe -- Lenses have been submitted by creators in nearly 200 countries and territories.*  

Lens Creators have made more than 1.5 million Lenses, and now, Lenses made by the community have been viewed by Snapchatters more than 1 trillion times!**   

At Lens Fest, we released Lens Studio 3.3, bringing creators powerful new tools and features that help save them time. We also announced an investment of $3.5 million dollars to expand our support to AR creators and developers who are pushing what’s possible in AR through Lens Studio’s most advanced capabilities. We’ll have more details on creator funding opportunities in early 2021. 

Thousands of Lens Creators tuned into Lens Fest and explored the immersive, virtual event space, which featured: 

  • 3 days of programming 

  • 9 main sessions 

  • 6 Lens Studio demonstrations 

  • 12 Creator features 

  • 3 Partner features 

  • 3 Spectacles film screenings 

  • 50+ Lens Creators in an interactive gallery 

  • And more! 

Watch these sessions, demonstrations, and features on the Lens Studio YouTube Channel.

* Snap Inc. internal data January 1 2018 - October 28, 2020

** Snap Inc. internal data December 2017 - October 2020 

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