See How the Stars and Your Friendships Align with Snapchat Astrology

The stars have aligned! We’re introducing new Astrology features that help you celebrate your relationships, strike up conversations, and bond with your friends in a whole new way -- going far beyond what you see in a daily horoscope. 

First, to check out your personal Astrological Profile, input your birth time, and location, and our divine astrological sources will reveal your personality traits, as written by the stars across 10 different planetary dimensions.

And of course, everything is better with friends. So next, head to your Friendship Profiles with your friends to see your shared Astrological Compatibility. They’ll show how your traits and personalities intersect across Attraction, Intensity, Tension, Support, and Harmony.  

It’s easy to download your personal charts to your camera roll, or share to your Story or with anyone on Snapchat. 

So, next time you're looking to the sky for answers about your friendships, the information you seek is no further than your Friendship Profile. 

Snapchat Astrology is available globally for Android and iOS users in English.