Snapchat+ Passes 2 Million Subscribers

More than 2 million Snapchatters are using Snapchat+, our subscription tier that offers access to exclusive, experimental, and pre-release features. 
Subscribers are loving Snapchat+ features that enhance communication with their friends and their favorite creators, and customize the look and feel of their app. Favorites include Priority Story Replies – which put your DMs at the top of your favorite Snap Stars’ inbox, and, Pin a BFF – which saves conversations with your #1 friend at the top of your Chat tab, plus a growing variety of fun options to personalize your home screen with unique app icons.
Snapchat+ is always evolving. Subscribers currently have access to more than a dozen exclusive features, and get frequent new feature drops. 
For example, we recently added customizable Camera settings, which let you personalize the way you shoot content with one of ten animated capture buttons. Now, instead of tapping the same old circle to grab a Snap, say “cheese” to a capture button transformed into a dancing heart, bubble, fidget spinner or flame.

Subscribers can also set the stage for conversations with friends with Chat Wallpapers. With this feature, use one of our pre-made wallpapers or a favorite shot from camera roll as the backdrop to any chat. 

Stay tuned for our next drop.
To subscribe, head to your profile and tap on Snapchat+. Happy Snapping!