Get lost in Layers, now on Snap Map

Since 2017, Snap Map has offered Snapchatters a personalized way to see and explore the world. A quick tap into Snap Map not only shows you where your closest friends are and what they’re up to, but allows you to experience places near and far through Snaps submitted by our global community. 

Today, we’re making Snap Map even more personalized with Layers, a new feature that brings special experiences right into the platform--and we’re debuting with two original Layers: Memories and Explore.

Take a scroll down memory lane and revisit your favorite Snapchat Memories pegged to the places they happened, or go on a virtual expedition to sights and events captured through Snapchat cameras around the world with Explore. Whether you’re in the mood to look back or just look around, Memories and Explore let you activate a personalized worldview that brings you closer to places you care about.

And, with more Layers coming soon from our close partners Ticketmaster and The Infatuation that will help Snapchatters find upcoming shows and restaurants nearby, we’re excited to introduce new ways to find things to do with the people you love. 

To check out Snap Map Layers, visit the new drop down menu in the top right corner of Snap Map. 

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