Whatever the Weather, We Snap Together

Snap Map is a place that Snapchatters turn to see what’s going on around them, all over the world, as it’s happening. In fact, over half of Snapchatters surveyed agreed that when there is breaking news, the Snap Map is a place they check to see what’s going on on the ground.* So, when weather gets wild, it’s no surprise that Snapchatters are some of the first to capture the moment. 

We know that our community cares about our environment and loves sharing with their friends. So, we took a closer look at how Snapchatters share weather near them, and we found that when storms hit, public Snaps to Snap Map flurry. 

Last year alone, we saw more than 18 million public stories mentioning rain and snow–and these terms were shared publicly 4X more frequently than public Snaps referencing the Super Bowl, Halloween and Fourth of July combined! 

When extreme weather happens, we see a tidal wave of posting trends. Take, for example, Hurricane Ida: back in August, when the storm was at its peak, there was a 16% increase in public Snaps when compared to the same area the weekend before, and viewership on Snap Map for the impacted area was up 16X. 

But, it doesn’t take a crisis for our climate-conscious community to see and Snap the latest. When unexpected rain hit Saudi Arabia in February, we saw a flood of Snaps with a 295% increase in public captions mentioning rain in the region in comparison to the entire month prior. Also, when Norway and Denmark got unseasonable sun in May, Snapchatters celebrated the perfect day with an 815% increase in public Snaps mentioning sun compared to the week prior!

Today, more than 250 million Snapchatters visit the Snap Map each month to explore the world around them–and with so many eyes on the ground, we found that you can even catch a storm as it blows across the country through the eyes of our community. 

Check out the time-lapsed view of public U.S.-based Snaps about the rain in 2021. . .  when it rains, Snaps pour!

*2021 US Group Solver study commissioned by Snap Inc. Online survey, n=1,500 US Daily Snapchatters

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