April 19, 2023
April 19, 2023

SPS 2023: Transforming Retail with the ARES Shopping Suite

Improving the shopping experience and delivering value to our community through AR, both on and off Snapchat

At Snap, we’re passionate about bringing unique and useful AR experiences and AI recommendations to consumers around the world through augmented reality.

AR Enterprise Services (ARES) brings our world-class technology into customers’ own apps and websites, as well as stores. ARES’ first offering for retailers, Shopping Suite, has already shown success for businesses to improve brand loyalty, decrease product return rates, and differentiate in a competitive environment. 

Thanks to Shopping Suite, partners are able to provide shoppers with new ways to check out products in 3D, try on apparel and accessories in AR, and receive fit recommendations with AI.

Shopping Suite

Shopping Suite is made up of five features, including 3D Viewer, AR Try-On, and Fit Finder to make it easier to shop with confidence and allow retailers to make AR creation and management simple, fast, and cost-effective.

  • AR Try-On: Shoppers can try on new styles of clothing, footwear, and accessories in real time. This includes Clothing Try-On technology, which allows shoppers to upload a photo of themselves to instantly see how a product looks on them, and Accessory Try-On, which lets shoppers interact with products in AR experiences live, directly from product detail pages.

  • 3D Viewer: An interactive product visualization experience that lets shoppers review every angle and detail of an item. 

  • Fit Finder: An AI technology to give shoppers highly accurate fit and size recommendations perfect for their unique body shape and fit preferences.

  • Enterprise Manager: A front-end dashboard and backend infrastructure to manage and create AR assets, implement the Shopping Suite SDK, create AR experiences, and manage 3D asset catalogs — all while seeing real-time performance analytics for consumer engagement and conversions.

  • Hands-on Integration Services: A dedicated in-house team helps clients seamlessly onboard and enable Shopping Suite’s powerful features from kick-off to completion.

AR Mirrors

Today, we’re introducing a new ARES service called AR Mirrors. Our AR Mirrors bring the power and creativity of AR to businesses in their own physical spaces and events, so that customers can virtually try on products, play with engaging and fun experiences that encourage them to create and share content, and receive helpful guides and explanations to learn more about the products they see in the store. 

Brands that create innovative experiences, such as virtual try-ons and using AR in-store, are 82% more likely to be recommended to others, making AR Mirrors a must-have addition to stores.1 Retail brands like Men’s Wearhouse and Nike have already used AR Mirrors to enhance the in-store experience, and we currently have our AR Mirror in a Men’s Wearhouse store to get shoppers ready for prom and wedding season.

We’re also partnering up with Coca-Cola to transform a vending machine into an entirely new kind of product experience. Our first prototype is an AR-enabled Coca-Cola vending machine, which offers a portal to incredible AR experiences, rewards, and more. Shoppers can step up to the machine and use hand gestures to control what comes next. 

Snap and Coca-Cola share a long-term vision to build an AR ecosystem that evolves the way people engage with the Coke brand across their vending machines, app, and website, and we’re thrilled to bring this experience to life.

We are making shopping — on and off Snapchat — easier, personalized, and a lot more fun. We can’t wait for customers to try these new experiences the next time they shop and to continue bringing real business value with AR and AI to more industries in the near future.

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