We’re Sorry

We’ve been working day and night to accommodate the massive increases in traffic on the Snapchat service and prepare for a major product update. With millions of snaps sent every day, sometimes our servers are slower than we’d like. To address that problem we developed a faster way to write data to our servers. Unfortunately, this morning, when we pushed that change, some account data was corrupted. This affected 0.3% of our users.

We know how much it sucks when Snapchat goes down. It’s our favorite way to stay in touch with friends and make each other laugh. It hurts when we can’t provide our service to all of our awesome snappers.

We really appreciate your support – on Twitter, via email, and on Facebook. We’re reaching out to everyone who has been affected so that we can begin the process of restoring access to those accounts. Please let us know if you continue to experience issues: support@snapchat.com

Some really exciting product announcements are on the way – stay tuned and happy snapping! We’re really sorry we let you down today.

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