Snapchat’s Creative Council Asks “Hey, You Good?”

As part of our ongoing efforts to support Black creatives, we’re excited to announce the launch of Snapchat Creative Council’s winning campaign called “Hey, You Good?" developed to educate Snapchatters through real conversations about mental health issues impacting Black Communities. 

We initially launched the Snapchat Creative Council in September 2020 as a first of its kind multi-year partnership with ADCOLOR bringing together leading creatives to build AR campaigns tackling issues disproportionately affecting Black communities to drive awareness to Snapchatters. 

Now, we’re sharing the latest winning campaign developed by a team of leading creatives including Djenaldbeth Louis (Brand Strategy, Material), My-Linh Tran (Senior Inclusive Marketing Strategist, Code and Theory), Karlie Thornton (Founder, froSkate) and Olivia Nguyễn (Brand Strategist, Klick Health). 

The team of creatives built the “Hey, You Good?" campaign to include Filters, Lenses, and a Discover Channel mini series – providing a call to action to encourage young people, especially Black youth to check in on themselves and the mental health of others. 

Describing the inspiration for the campaign, Creative Council member Olivia Nguyễn shared: “How we show up for others starts with how we show up for ourselves. “Hey, You Good” is our call to action for Black youth to see that they’re not alone, and that their mental health journey is important, unique, and that there are resources to help them every step of the way.”

The project also includes a microsite with resources for young people to find a therapist as well as a four-part video series with conversations about anxiety, toxic masculinity and trauma facilitated by a mental health professional. 

Stay tuned for more updates about the important work of Snapchat’s Creative Council!

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